being ‘thrifty’

This is part of the new ‘frugal living’ trend…

Just a few links to some other blogs I thought worthwhile:

There’s some awesome stuff you can buy at CVS for nearly no cost with their deals and manufacturer coupons. I’m not that big into this sort of thing, but figure it makes sense to watch the offers and at least keep them in mind before buying some things. I’ve stopped there a few times lately and only spent a few dollars on over $20 worth of items.

I picked up for the significant half something free from Macys (offer ends tomorrow 6/6). I have a free 10-pack of DVD+R media to pickup from Office Depot (offer ends 6/21), but it was closed when I went by it late tonight. There’s some great deals on some things at Harbor Freight (like a 20-pk of child paintbrushes or this pocket knife either for 99 cents; check these ads in particular the hot buys or these great deals I got via email) I might stop at…


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