abundant life

We skipped the growth group (read prior posts I and II) last week because I was involved in a meeting with Peace In The Home… but last night we met, and a new guy came. I won’t go into that much detail, but want to say how amazing God can be with timing. I know this guy from a bible study at work, and have been thinking about him and maybe wanting to come since he lives close to me and his church family is a far bit east of town… Well, I finally decide to email him yesterday at lunch, and before I do, call and check with my pastor and he mentions this guy’s name as being interested. God’s timing is simply amazing. You know that phrase, ‘God is good’? Yeah something like that.

I so had started writing a bit about the John 10:10 verse where Jesus talks about why He came – so that we may have life and have it abundantly. But I’ve decided not to go that route. I’ll just leave it at that. I want God to fill my life with Him. Less of me, more of others (specifically being my wife, my kids, these guys, the homeless, our small group, our larger family). Let me repeat – less of me.

This growth group is, obviously, supposed to be about growth. Something hit me last night in the middle of one of our conversations that even though we talk about each of growing spiritually, a big part of me thinks about that being in knowledge and wisdom. But what it seems I really need isn’t that – but to grow closer to God. Wherever I might stand with “knowledge” or “wisdom” I want to be close to God. Knowledge or wisdom isn’t what has shown me that life is more than I had previously thought, it has been God. I want more of that.

BTW – I think fellowship is three guys sitting on the back deck at night with a bunch of tiki torches and a few citronella candles really talk openly about life. Now if only I had a picture to show you… oh well, use your imagination.


2 responses to “abundant life

  1. indeed … more Him … less me. Where 2 or 3 are gathered, in His Name. There were tiki’s … there was fellowship … & it was good! – td

  2. More of him is always good. Isn’t real fellowship always the best

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