Point-In-Time Count Summer 2008!

Homeward is conducting this survey July 24th! From their site:

This annual count of men, women and children experiencing homelessness will need volunteers to help in many ways including to conduct the surveys. To sign up to volunteer for the Summer 2008 Point-in-Time Count, please click here.

Donations needed: socks, white t-shirts, new underwear (men’s and women’s), lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs and brushes, lip balm, baby wipes, sunscreen, deodorants.

Please bring donations to 408 W Franklin Street — Basement level by July 18, 2008.

[H/T to Embrace Richmond]

Not sure if I’ll be there, but I definitely plan on mentioning it to a few people I know who are concerned and interested about the homeless around Richmond. I’d like to see again some of the guys and gals I’ve met and see how they are doing…


7 responses to “Point-In-Time Count Summer 2008!

  1. what about promoting this church wide?

  2. So what’s invovled, how do we count them???


  3. I will have to get my schedule from work before i can volunteer but I will et you know ASAP

  4. I’m not sure how Homeward does it, but I anticipate that they have some volunteers who are involved in driving buses/vans and picking up the homeless and bringing them to their facility.

    I’m quite sure that this is a lot more than just a count – more of an in-depth study (and therefore a survey) of what the homeless have happening right now.

    Take a look at their January 2008 Point-in-Time snapshot report.

  5. I’ve been emailing Homeward about this, and here’s the info I received from Lauren Austin (343-2045, Lauren Austin laustin@homewardva.org) regarding volunteering:

    Surveying people will take place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on July 24th, 9:00am – 1:30pm. St. Paul’s has a weekly lunch program, which we have partnered with for the past few years to conduct our count of unsheltered individuals (though some who attend the lunch are sheltered and/or working poor)

    I’m not sure about being able to take off so much of my workday for it, but we will see. In addition to the volunteering, they are also looking for congregations who would go for sponsoring a toiletries drive (Steve – do you want to? let’s talk).

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