really I do still exist…

Just been a bit busy lately. Then there was vacation, but now we’re back. And busy again – well actually a whole lot more busy than before, but that’s what vacations do, right?

Anyway, we’re famous – I’m in a local newspaper that I hadn’t even heard of! I think this was from 2/3 weeks ago when I took the kids to something called Plantation Days. Check out the 4th and 6th pictures…

Yes – the vacation was really nice. Check out a few of the better pictures below from the flickr photostream, or look at most all of them in the summer 2008 album from my picasa account.


4 responses to “really I do still exist…

  1. “Va…Va…Vaca…Vaca…Vacashun” ‘splain that word to me, please? It sounds nice.

    Great pics!


  2. glad you’re back – hope it was the big refresh – tim

  3. Alright … do you really exist? — or was this just a recording? — td

  4. I *can* schedule a post in advance…. so maybe it *was* just a pre-written blogpost 🙂 but the real question is can I schedule a comment to respond to your comment?

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