as of late

It’s been awhile, but I sure was in a rut for a bit. Pretty down on myself about some things including my attitudes with some people including my kids. The vacation was really good though, but got a bit rough around the edges when we got back. Totally overwhelmed on almost every front, but I’m thinking about just doing less on several of them, or possibly stepping out of them if the opportunity arises or just getting them to much less than same day (or even same week). Still wanting to do a lot of things, but just less on certain fronts and more on others.

and not catching *anything*!

fishing on the Sound and not catching *anything*!

I’d say I’ve been reading more but that only held true before and over the vacation. This guy Tim (from the growth group) hooked me up with quite a collection of C.S. Lewis to pore over. I really ate up the Space Trilogy series and am churning through the end of Surprised by Joy. It’s different; some of it has been quite interesting; other parts not so much. Past few days I’ve watched a bunch more TV. Tomorrow in a what is kind-of spontaneous for me, I’m taking Isa out on a date to a local comedy club.

I’ve had plenty to write about, but not much interest to do so. I guess it’s part of the summer blogger doldrums. Yeah sure maybe so. Would just rather taking life a little slower than I usually have. Maybe I should go pick blackberries and try to make preserves again. Something different.

Some random things of note:

  • A group of guys (or gals if you’re a gal) willing to hear you and your struggles/issues/thoughts is worth the time. If only I could put to words how I feel, and then magically make a group appear for you…
  • I do not recommend trying to take down and put up a canoe on your car by yourself
  • If you never have noticed how relaxed you are while on vacation, it wasn’t really a vacation (I for the first noticed I was relaxed!)
  • I haven’t been down to visit Monroe Park and my buddies in too long… someone please push me
  • I don’t get religion much less how politics fits into it; interesting reading = “Right Wing, Wrong Bird” Part 2
  • I might be addicted to all things frugal (e.g. coupon-clipping and freecycle in particular)
  • The local county Gardening for New Residents Program is awesome and well worth $25… plenty of ideas for the yard in terms of gardening and grass, trees, landscaping, etc.

I just finished reading a post that I really enjoyed that fits with my new desire to enjoy life, but be ‘frugal’ about it too: 101 Dirt Cheap ways to Enjoy Yourself and yes it is very long 🙂


2 responses to “as of late

  1. I have you on my mind & heart a lot these days. Everyone’s circumstances are so unique; & yet …

    I want so badly to encourage you. You really try to carry a lot Brother C. I look fwd to seeing your face, again. We look for God in this & that circumstance. He says, “Be still … & know that I am God.” Hard to be still when we have so much to keep us in motion. Blessings. — me

  2. I went through a CS Lewis phase maybe 10 years ago and read many of his books. I loved Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters so much, they’re still on my bookshelf. 🙂

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