great news, homeless

I just got back from volunteering from Homeward’s Point-in-Time Count (written previously about) at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at one of the end of the State Capitol grounds. I had volunteered to perform surveys to those that come for the free meals. Doesn’t make a difference if you’re homeless or not for the meals or for the survey.

That’s not the good news (although it is good news…) though; I got to see again my two friends Mary and Bill (see them here). That is good, but what’s great is that she said through the Daily Planet and Virginia Supportive Housing she was able to get a home about 2 months ago! She’s still in need of several things, but Embrace Richmond (they have a blog too!) did provide her with quite a bit of furniture and other items, along with her case worker providing a few things as well. I’m hoping some people I know might be able to collect a few things she mentioned needing, including:

  • lamp
  • toiletries
  • laundry detergent
  • full-size sheets

I know we have some of these things that we don’t need (like some laundry detergent I bought that wasn’t high-efficiency so we can’t use it for our washer…), but this is exactly what a lot of the Richmond homelessness organizations are all about: getting the homeless into a home. But also staying there, and here’s a chance to help someone stay there.

While talking with other volunteers, I also met someone who coordinates CARITAS for her church, which is quite close to my church (I believe it’s Providence United Methodist Church… but I have her contact info). I was wondering if it might make sense for our church to help out a “member host congregation” with certain needs, since we don’t have any facilities to actually host a shelter for a night. I’ll be forwarding this contact info to this gal who is interested in CARITAS as well.


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