Chesterfield homeless

I’ve been a little off in la-la land for oh over a month or so when it comes to blogging (I marked my second blog as done due to it and a total lack of interest in that topic anymore). A bit here, a bit there… and life has just been busy, leaving not a lot of leftover time. Even still tonight, but …

I felt obliged to write a bit and link to three recent articles in my local newspaper, the Chesterfield Observer, on a topic close to my heart over the past year – homeless. To read the articles directly, here are the links: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Not bad reporting – I’m happy to see the topic get local coverage.

This came to mind because one of the people from New Venture who I’ve gone to Monroe Park with mentioned this series – in particular part 2 and the guy who lives in a tent off Jefferson Davis Hwy. Maybe we could change direction and focus on homelessness in Chesterfield? Somewhere in the 3 part series it talks about Chesterfield only making up a very small percentage, but we do know that there is less concern and focus on people experiencing homelessness in this County than in the City of Richmond, where most stay… time will tell where we go. If you will, say a little prayer for guidance on this.


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