wild men on fire and skateboards

One of my guys (Especially Blessed) came up with the idea awhile ago to go to this weekend thing out in Lynchburg called Wildfire. A bit odd at times (especially the enormous guy without a head – I should have taken a picture of that!), but really great time especially just being with my guys.

Several really good speakers including Darryl Waltrip, Rick Hendrick, Dave Dravecky, Dexter Manley (but we didn’t catch him); but the one real gem from the entire event was a session about accountability. I should write about that one by itself…

Right before leaving we stopped over and took a look at one of the booths – Hope Boards. Really awesome stuff – and only been around a few months. If you’re into skateboarding (or bicycling – they do that too) check em out: hopeboards.com. I really dig their motto:

Think Different. Live Different. Skate Different.


One response to “wild men on fire and skateboards

  1. Glad it was cool, mang. SOOOO sorry I missed it. See you Thursday?


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