From the Familyman‘s weekly email:

How ‘bout a little Familyman history lesson? Once upon a time in the 1920’s, there was a Canadian named Dave—eh. Now Dave was a pretty successful guy who at one time managed the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City—eh.
Dave also liked to play golf—a lot. In fact, it’s reported that one time when he was playing in Montreal, he stepped to the tee in his colorful knickers and golfer’s cap.
All was quiet, as his world became—the ball. With a practice swing or two, his wooden driver flicked just a few inches from the ball on the tee. And then in one fluid movement, he drew the club back over his shoulder and swooSSHHHHH!!! Whackkkk!!!
No one knows for sure, but the ball either sliced, pulled, or went only about three inches to Dave’s consternation and the rest of his golfer buddies’ amusement. And then Dave did something that had never been done before in the game of golf.
In pompous pride, he excused the shot as a mistake and re-teed a new ball.
Back in the clubhouse, the members discussed Dave Mulligan’s unprecedented and highly controversial move.
The rest is history. From that point on, whenever a ball is reshot and non-scored, Dave gets the credit and we call it a Mulligan.
In fact, on October 17th we celebrate Mulligan Day.
And I was thinking—what a great concept. We dads and husbands could sure use a day like that—a day where if we’ve blown it big, we can take a mulligan and start over.
And it’s not just dads who need Mulligan Day. Everyone needs permission to take a mulligan. So if your son left your tools out in the rain—instead of chewing him out, give him a mulligan. If your wife overcharged the credit card, instead of blowing your top, give her a mulligan. If your daughter acted disrespectfully and deserves all the punishment you can heap upon her—give her a mulligan.
Say you’ve avoided family devotions for—years, take a mulligan and start again tonight. Been a lousy dad in the past or have treated your wife poorly? Take a mulligan.
Tomorrow is the day—a day of fresh starts for sons, daughters, wives, and DADS—a day that that was started 90 years ago by a golfing Canadian—eh.
So let me be the first to say, “Happy Mulligan Day!!!!”

I know I sure could use both receiving and giving of this one. BTW – I really suck at golf too.


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