marriage, viewpoint from 6 years

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Marriage. It’s one of those journeys you never really know were you’re going to be at next. There sure are some dips and some serious turns and a LOT of stuff you don’t expect. It seems if you’re like me you can try to plan it all you want, but it doesn’t always work out like you expect. A lot of times this is usually BETTER than anything I could plan on anyway. It’s a real joining of two people – and a strengthening of each other FOREVER. I find it sad though because it seems that frequently I have seen workshops about divorce recovery but not so much on marriage strengthening…

But marriage sure needs it. If you’re married, you know it is NOT easy, it is NOT simple, and it DOES require a lot of understanding, patience and determination. I find it very easy to get myself in a mess through not talking, or putting other things ahead of my wife. I don’t always feel like doing a lot of things, but what I have lately begun to realize, it’s not all about her and it’s certainly not always about how I “feel”. It can and should be so much deeper than that and when it is, everything in life is simply magnitudes better than ever before. I find it really hard to explain, but know Paul Newman really got it when he said “Why would I go out for a hamburger when I have steak at home?”

By the way, the picture to the right is from 7 years ago (almost a year before we were married).

NOTE: this is “take 2” because I had written about marriage once before and it’s been my most viewed post (mind you, I heavily anticipate that was the case because it was a response post to a much more trafficked blog and got a trackback link above all the comments).

So, yesterday was our 6th year anniversary. We had a great time as the neighbors had the kids over for a sleepover; we went out to dinner, stopped over somewhere special for my wife and then went to see the movie Fireproof (trailer below).

I’ve heard from a handful of people about the recent movie, Fireproof and how great it is. But now that I’ve seen it, I’m kind-of surprised I haven’t heard from more people about this movie. Seriously. This is an EXCELLENT movie … with such an important message that can really provide some ways to improve your marriage! Yes seriously, but hey there really are some funny scenes too – stuff I don’t think they really make in big-time movies anymore (you have heard that this isn’t a big $ Hollywood movie, right? a church produced this).

So … what if you already saw it? Have you thought about some of the resources they have about the movie? There are several on the Fireproof site for couples, churches, communities, etc. but the ones that jumped out to me include:

I can’t vouch for any of them being effective or anything – I’ve yet to try any of them… but plan to like I know at least one person who is as well.

Beyond online resources, I am sure there are several local resources and ministries out there to strengthen your marriage. I am involved in one such ministry, Peace in the Home (logo above), whose mission is to “strengthen, equip, support, and bring healing to marriages and families”. You may want to consider joining their email list (signup here) for some periodic excellent thoughts via email, especially if you live around Richmond to find out about upcoming workshops/seminars for the area.


3 responses to “marriage, viewpoint from 6 years

  1. Belated “happy anniversary!”

    I haven’t seen the movie and it only played here a week, but our associate pastor said it was excellent. So will have to wait for DVD now.

  2. Man! Happy Anniversary, Chris! I pray God would bless you both w/ much wisdom … much patience … much love! Congratulations, man. – td

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