so that’s what support is like…

With all this fun and action lately, we’ve had quite an outpouring of support from many places. Quite a large amount of concern (and food!) has come from our church family, but in addition we’ve seen a lot from old friends, co-workers, family and even some neighbors. The amount of prayers for us has been overwhelming.

I really don’t know what to expect nor what I should be learning (if anything) from all this lately… but I (we really) do want to say thank you.

I’m quite sure we won’t get a card out (or a verbal thank you or anything) to everyone that has touched us, but may kindness return to you in the same beautiful way that it was given.

Thank you for the emails.

Thank you for the prayers.

Thank you for the offers to get me into work (I’m looking at my telecommuting options along with carpooling/vanpooling and/or bus rides but might still need occasional drives in… I’ll let you know).

Thank you for stopping by and just saying hi (or taking me out to get out since I can’t drive!).

Thank you for all the food.

I’m still out for another week before I get back to work… so will have some time to do some things around here (cleaning up a bit, catching up on some reading, maybe even playing a few crossword/sudoku puzzles).

It has been times like this that I can say I feel like I am with family here in Richmond… that I feel the love of God through others. I pray that we can have the same opportunity to share this same love back with these same people and others as well. For it is times like this that I can say I have seen and felt others (and I believe God through them ) show me true love… just like when Jesus said in the 2nd greatest commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself”.


2 responses to “so that’s what support is like…

  1. I’d also like to add that I believe it was last night a whole pile of families went driving around to I can only assume other families at New Venture (our church) and sang Christmas carols… it was awesome.

    I truly can say I’ve never experienced that…

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