somewhat back…

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Heck even been awhile since I’ve been myself really but now that I was able to get back together with my guys group, I’m feeling a bit normal again.

Those that get email from me have well and heard the news that a little over a week ago I had a seizure. The first and second happened Dec 2nd, which kept me at the hospital (pretty well tied down with some medical equipment and got to experience quite a few tests) for a handful of days. I was let out that Thursday and then had another seizure this past Sunday AM again (but didn’t stay at the hospital for more than a few hours).

I had one last test yesterday (Wed) after staying up all night (to cause a seizure – which worked) which confirmed for the neurologist that I have tonic-clonic seizures. I’m now on medication (keppra) and am off work on short-term disability. My muscles (and back/legs/etc.) are still quite tight and I’m not in the best attitude, but I wanted to say something about this.


2 responses to “somewhat back…

  1. that’s saying a lot. I’m praying, too. – td

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