Super Bowl ads



Some were good, some were really bad but the CareerBuilder one (below) had us really laughing hard. I particularly liked the woman screaming in her car – that got me in the gut every time!

There were two (back-to-back I believe…) with a good friend in it (Big Ed – he even has a Facebook Fan Club), but I can only find the Usama Young NFL commercial (he’s shown @ 12 sec). The other one was the Alltel commercial but apparently it isn’t anywhere online. He’s the dump truck driver…

BTW: That was a really great game last night (especially the last 15 minutes), made much better with guys I watched it with… which is almost the only reason I even watch sports. I don’t much care about sports especially football. But we were rooting for the Cards … and they almost had it.


2 responses to “Super Bowl ads

  1. As one who love football, I second your comment about the company making last night game. You guys continue to bless me with your friendship. I sense great things for our group in 2009.

    Rock on!


  2. Hear, hear! – td

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