I’m sure this is not unique to me, especially since it seems to strongly be the ‘way’ for my side of the family, but talking about feelings and emotions doesn’t seem to happen. What I’ve known to do is really just bottle it up and pack it away.

from groovy green

from groovy green

I may be really that old, but boy do I carry around a lot of bottles. Don’t worry; if you know me in real life, you most likely wouldn’t notice, I’ve developed quite a good system for hiding it.

This is bad. I’ve known it for years but have continued the tradition. It’s unhealthy, like many secrets we all carry along with us. But it needs to end.
I’m willing to move forward now in more than anything else being honest about this. Thank you my dear friend for helping me open this door.

I’ll be honest in that I’m very afraid to look in this room at all my bottles. I don’t talk much ever about my real feelings and emotions… but too often bottles burst… and this is really bad.

from Social Business Club

from Social Business Club

Pray for me. Pray that I might let these things out. Otherwise, my kids will only know this way … and it is really bad. Calling counseling in a few minutes…


5 responses to “bottles

  1. You rock! Uncap that sucker … God is a God of absorption! No spill so great that He can’t clean it up! He’s the “Complete Picker Upper” — sorry, that was really bad, eh? – 🙂 me

  2. Brother, thank you for being honest and “opening the door”. The Lord is with you and so are we (your G-men) as you start recycling all those bottles — just think of all the useful things that can come out of them!

    Praying…watching…believing…getting ready for something new and beautiful!

  3. Don’t bottle it up. That way is called “abuse”. And “alcoholism”. And “anger”. And “asshole”.

    Trust me. I know all the “A-words” in person. Some of them have my picture by them in the dictionary.

  4. Jim,

    I’ve known this for quite awhile… but haven’t admitted it to really anyone. I tend to mention it very briefly to others and find they don’t really believe it that much given what they know of me… but my g-guys (two of the three of them commented on this) I trust will be an encouragement and source of accountability for me on this struggle. That and starting counseling (Tuesday night)…

  5. And make this me the final g-guy to comment… 🙂

    I love you, dude. As everyone has said, bottling is only for Coca-Cola products. BUT, I know where you are now, and appreciate the tendency to bottle it up. Let me know if you need to talk.


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