Snow Cream!

Quiet weekend at home (one kid sick with the flu… and one of us had to stay home not to mention I obviously can’t drive…), and then today with SNOW, in March. in Virginia. I’m just now feeling warm again from being outside with the kids for about an hour or two…

Seriously a week or two (wasn’t it? maybe more than that…) ago was some fabulous weather that looked like this:

and then last night started snowing and kept on going … we probably got a few inches today and it looks like this:
Needless to say, the kids were quite happy:

and Isa even made some ‘snow cream’ (think ice cream made out of snow) which I’m eating right now … anyone ever heard of it? Pretty fabulous stuff!


One response to “Snow Cream!

  1. being from East Tex – we didn’t get much snow growing up. But whenever it did arrive, my mom always made snow-ice-cream. Excellent memory … thanks for the reminder. 🙂 – td

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