what a beautiful day

Many people have commented to me over the past few months ‘how hard it must be not to drive.’ At first I really didn’t know what to say; then later it started getting a bit on the annoying side to hear this repeatedly. Not to say there were not plenty of challenges over the past few months though, but I’ve come to the conclusion that this life change that has happened is a REALLY good thing (honestly not being able to drive is really good for slowing down your life – at least for mine at this juncture!).

I used to find myself really wanting to do this or do that; go here or there. Not wanting to do this or that. And more than able to choose and do. I’m go out and get too involved sometimes, and was. I’ll be honest in saying there was a certain amount of un-health and tension caused from being overly involved; which is by and far no longer there. Beyond being over-extended, I also severely lacked in patience especially with my kids. By no means am I pillar of patience now, but believe me that finding yourself not being able to drive but still having 3 kids for most of a Saturday at home certainly will either make you go a little nuts, really angry at them, or more patient (after trying my hand at #2, I’ve found #3 is a whole lot better choice).

But even beyond patience, just taking the time to enjoy things. Do you remember before you could drive walking or riding a bike somewhere? You remember how you used to really look at things? Today was just that day. Just sitting outside on a beautiful 90 degree day with not a lot of bugs yet out, enjoying watching my youngest child play on a slip n’ slide (but the climb up inflatable one if you know what I mean) for over an hour just enjoying it with all her little heart laughing every time she slid down it. My wife out with her girl friends – I know she was enjoying the time. My other kids inside playing and a friend about to come over.Watching the azaleas bloom all around, the trees opening up, and the sky a perfect shade of blue. Ah I could have taken a picture but it still wouldn’t have done justice for how I felt.


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