visit the Park – June 6th

As usual, it has certainly been awhile since our last trip down to Monroe Park (Feb 21st!), and the weather is getting a little bit nicer so it’s getting time to pull out some lighter clothing for sharing so…


Plans still are for people coming to my house at 10 AM to get things put into bins, and 10:30 AM to roll out and 11 AM to arrive at Monroe Park. I know some people are just going directly to Monroe Park as well.

There has really been an outpouring of people bringing items especially food! What I know about include:

  • sandwiches (several people!)
  • bags
  • toiletries (several people)
  • snacks (few people)
  • curtains and phone (for Mary)
  • 20+ homemade blankets!
  • clothes – I’m sure we still don’t have a lot of mens clothes but quite a bit of womens clothes
  • 2 large cans of baked beans!
  • 100 croissants!

We may not have a lot of drinks – but we’ll see; I plan on throwing the 40 or so water bottles I have on ice in a cooler this afternoon. If you’re bringing food, can you let me know if you’re doing baggies? Isa is planning sometime today on buying disposable bowls and spoons for the baked beans, and if we need to, we can buy plates as well. Also, if you have a table, please bring it – we have two not so big tables (as long as people come to our house and have some space for us to load them on!).

I’m an organizer by nature, so let’s try this out while we are there:

  • setup on the sidewalk – not in the grass
  • separate items into 3 areas: clothes, toiletries, and food+drinks
  • like last time, let’s not put out the food yet until people have been able to get through clothes and toiletries
  • split bags up that are brought and put to the side of the clothes and toiletries areas
  • keep the area clean – we don’t want to leave trash anywhere; there should be trash cans there
  • (this is new) we need 1/2 people to attempt to form a line for clothes and toiletries at the beginning of when we arrive… until those areas are all setup; will also help form a line for food+drinks about 10 mins later
  • (this is new) let’s pray over food+drinks before we let the line start
  • after we get everything going, please step out from behind the tables take a chance and try to talk to someone… show an interest in them, in their story, in their life. all too often, many of them don’t feel part of society … we may have no idea whatsoever what their life is like, but if God cares about every one of us, shouldn’t we? I understand this may be way out of your comfort zone, but give it a try. And if you hear about some particular need that we don’t usually bring, let me know and I’ll make sure it’s included in the next time we plan a visit.

I’m planning on taking a few pictures, unless someone else would want to (if so, let me know!)… maybe we can put them up for Sunday gathering.

If you’re coming please fill out this short form!

We’re taking a trip down on a Saturday early afternoon – June 6th; arriving at the Park at 11 AM.

UPDATE: Let’s meet at my house at 10 AM to get everything organized…

We’ve traditionally (and will again) collect and distribute:

  • clothing (spring/summer clothing only) UPDATE: Men’s items are in need!
  • shoes and socks
  • toiletries and feminine items – sealable baggies really are a good idea

In addition, if you can obtain any large durable bags (like the ones at the grocery store so you don’t have to use the throwaway plastic bags) – these have been popular as well for carrying things; we just never have any. If you can think of anything else that you think they can use, email me [or comment below].

We’ve always brought something to eat and provided bottled water, usually hot but since it’s getting warmer maybe not the best idea. Sandwiches seem like a good idea if nothing else… UPDATE: let’s go with sandwiches…

Hosea 6:6: “For I desire mercy, not sacrifice.” / “I’m after love that lasts, not more religion.”

In Deuteronomy 15:11, God says there will “always be some poor in the land”, and for us to “share freely” with them. But when I think of sharing things, I think of my kids and getting things they need; that isn’t a sacrifice. It’s showing them ‘love that lasts’.
If you have an opportunity, get to know someone out there. Don’t just stand behind the tables – go out and talk with those who seem to want to talk. Remember their name and their story. Many times it seems they just want to be heard. Make a mental note of things you can pray for them about. Maybe even ask if there is something in particular they are in need of for next time we come out if you see them… I can’t tell you how much of a blessing in particular one guy and a gal (check them out) have been as we have known them for around 2 years…


8 responses to “visit the Park – June 6th

  1. great job. Do not know yet if I can go but hope to. May need to get some stuff to you.

  2. I’m in if I can figure transport out…maybe Belinda would be up for coming.

  3. I’m in — just say when, etc – td

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  5. Linda Spradlin

    I’ll be there. Thanks Chris for organizing this.

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