what others are doing…

I’m going to try to continue the theme of external focus. I was sending emails to the gal in charge of our external focus team, but I figured I’d just pile together several articles that I’ve come across lately:

“A collective effort” (Chesterfield Observer)

During the cleanup, which is hosted annually by the Ampthill Civic Association, close to 60 volunteers assisted seniors with yard cleanup, tidied a neighborhood park and disposed of excess yard trimmings. The JDA redevelopment committee hopes to see similar events take place in other neighborhoods along the corridor.
And there is plenty of work to be done. In a 2005 survey of 1,931 houses located in Jefferson Davis neighborhoods, 14 percent of them were found to have heavy wear and aging, while 37 percent were in moderate condition.

The Plans, The Hope, The Future (View from the Bridge)

Great vision thoughts; I’m sure I want to be part of doing something like this, especially this concept of whole families doing things – not separate divisions (kids, teens, mothers, fathers).

Richmonders Involved in Strengthening our Communities

The mission of Richmonders Involved to Strengthen our Communities (RISC) is to bring together diverse congregations in order to powerfully address the root causes of poverty and injustice in the Greater Richmond area. RISC’s member congregations are located throughout the Greater Richmond area and are diverse in their socio-economic, racial, denominational and geographic backgrounds. Congregations in RISC work together to build relationships, listen to common concerns, research community problems, and then to take action to see that systems in the community are held accountable to principles of justice and fairness.

Community Emergency Response Team Course Starts June 2

The course provides citizens with basic emergency-response skills to help themselves, their families and neighbors during that critical time before professional emergency providers can arrive.

Pocoshock Cleanup a Success

The Environmental Engineering Water Quality Team and Friends of Chesterfield’s Riverfront hosted a community cleanup of Pocoshock Creek on Oct.16, 2004.


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