It’s been 2 months and 2 weeks since my last post. Understand that I don’t consider this blog dead (and I’ve certainly killed off a few blogs over the past six or so years of blogging), but I just haven’t had that kindling of heart to write as of late (but I did update the blog appearance with a photo of our recent trip – this is the view from a B&B in Cana, VA).

If I follow your blog and you’re reading this, you may also have noticed I’ve fallen off the face of commenting as well… it’s not that I’m not reading what you’re writing, it’s just that I’m not writing much electronically right now. Not just on the blog but everywhere. Less email responses. I sporadically use Facebook but more to share photos (since it seems most people I know are more likely to ‘see’ updates from there) and almost not at all for ‘status updates’. I have a Twitter account but just don’t get the point. I barely use my cell phone at all. Face-to-face is so much more preferred to me right now. I feel like I’ve said my fair share and then someĀ  in various ways electronically (especially email), but without a face-to-face it all seems for naught. Half or more isn’t even noticed. Relationships need that, don’t they?

I do intend at some point to write again; when I’m ready. I really enjoyed being able to flesh out some thoughts about various things and actually have some things (more events though) that I could have written about, but haven’t. I still think that this medium is just great at being able to FULLY explain thoughts and be a journal of reflections. It just isn’t right now.


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