I’m tired of repeating my sins, continuing to return to them.  I see the need to change, and pray for my Lord to change them, but am I committed to this? These are long-running things that I in some way, hope will just go away…. I’m delaying, running and hiding. Please Jesus give me a willing heart to want to change and then mold me. You’ve done it before and I know you can again … so help me to get over the hurdles I’ve put up.

Do you see, do you see
All the people sinking down
Don’t you care, don’t you care
Are you gonna let them drown

How can you be so numb
Not to care if they come
You close your eyes
And pretend the job’s done

“Oh bless me Lord, bless me Lord”
You know it’s all I ever hear
No one aches, no one hurts
No one even sheds one tear

But He cries, He weeps, He bleeds
And He cares for your needs
And you just lay back
And keep soaking it in,
Oh, can’t you see it’s such a sin?

Cause He brings people to you door,
And you turn them away
As you smile and say,
“God bless you, be at peace”

And all heaven just weeps
Cause Jesus came to your door
You’ve left him out on the streets

Open up open up
And give yourself away
You see the need, you hear the cries
So how can you delay

God’s calling and you’re the one
But like Jonah you run
He’s told you to speak
But you keep holding it in,

Oh can’t you see it’s such a sin?

The world is sleeping in the dark
That the church just can’t fight
Cause it’s asleep in the light

How can you be so dead
When you’ve been so well fed

Jesus rose from the grave
And you, you can’t even get out of bed

Oh, Jesus rose from the dead
Come on, get out of your bed

How can you be so numb
Not to care if they come
You close your eyes
And pretend the job’s done
You close your eyes
And pretend the job’s done

Don’t close your eyes
Don’t pretend the jobs done

Come away, come away, come away with Me my love,
Come away, from this mess, come away with Me, my love.

A few days ago while listening to my Pandora mix, this song by Keith Green came on, and I had to listen to more of his songs:

I don’t really buy CDs, but I just might have to buy that one.


2 responses to “asleep

  1. … & me – deeply tired of simply not being the man I was made to be. Tired of having no passion for the God who created passion. But there is something stirring, again. I am encouraged, as it has been slowly stirring for the last couple of years, as I have “roller-coastered” through all the experiences of that time. I think on some level I’m looking for a ‘pop-out’ point (as I’ve tasted @ times, in years past) where I’m all fired up for God & good. I believe it has to be more than this, now. There has been a leveling of many aspects of my faith, during this time — both in terms of leveling, so as to ‘smooth out’ my faith … & leveling, so as to topple some walls of belief garbage. I know I can never go back — to any church life I’ve accepted as good / healthy / appropriate in the past, where it in fact wasn’t. I don’t think I’m alone there, though. I think (& it is very near belief) that there are many who have grown so tired of church, as it has been done, that they are going to push towards God such that He will unite these souls in being His Body. I pray so. I pray my hunger would posture me so. I pray we would be so postured. Love you, CH – td

  2. BTW — Keith Green was a pretty controversial guy, in his day. I’m certain he had his flaws & I’m sure he battled his own ego, at times — but I also, see him as a man that loved God deeply. More so than most might be able to understand. – td

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