maps, continued (and opened up!)

A handful of pages further down in “The Road Less Traveled”, and still under the technique of dedication to reality is the concept of being ‘open to challenge’:

A life of total dedication to the truth also means a life of willingness to be personally challenged. The only way that we can be certain that our map of reality is valid is to expose it to the criticism and challenge of other map-makers.

I had a hard time not reading this and thinking of the whole ‘growth group’ / ‘G Men’ weekly get-togethers (and more) that has been going on for (I think) more than three years. I’m well aware that even with close friends, an openness is by no means easy or even desired. It seems by far more desired by most people to have surface relationships as in we don’t want to have to deal with being challenged.

Ironically though, it seems I’ve met quite a few people that really do want to talk, at length I might add, over some really hard struggles they are going through. Many a time I’ve heard the statement that “I don’t feel like anyone is willing to listen”, except it seems me. Please do not interpret this as attempting to puff myself up and have pride in this; at times I find this challenging as several of these people want me to call them, when I simply barely am able to find the time each day, especially for my family. Additionally, I find this hard since I myself struggle to communicate (in particular with those close to me) because I frequently find myself in a position of listening and less sharing…


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