Years ago, I had a blog that was called “scattered thoughts” and it would be appropriate at this point to change this blog’s name to just that. It’s been a challenge over the past month in particular to have a focus. So many things I just can’t get a strong desire to move forward on and as such, many things have fallen a bit away. It does seem that I’m entering a curve of sorts, and getting a bit back on some sort of better track though:

  • I’ll be able to drive again in a month – which I only partially look forward to but much more so for my family in that the driving burden won’t be solely on my wife anymore
  • work has been so completely nuts – this truly isn’t too out of the ordinary in particular for the IT field, but I know I need to really focus on how to manage the “madness” more especially for the entire team (yesterday thought was to try and see if anyone wants to eat lunch somewhere just to get out and have some time to talk instead of sitting and eating while working … we used to do this years ago but it just stopped at some point)
  • my own health – doctors had pointed out the need for some sort of regular physical activity and I’m trying to go run twice a week … so far somewhat good at this but let’s see two months from now if I’ve kept up at this

There’s more that comes to mind but will leave it for another day. Blogging more is not in my list of desires, but occasionally I feel the tug to write something…

BTW – as an aside and for geeky fun about a month ago I wrote a [C# 4.0] screensaver for Conway’s Game of Life … if you’d like something new for a screensaver, check it out. The README at the bottom explains what you need to get it setup (you also will need to have the .NET 4.0 runtime installed).


2 responses to “scattered

  1. Congrats on getting to drive again!

  2. Thanks Jim… yeah he actually scares my wife given that my last episode occurred *while* I was driving, so we hope and pray smooth sailing going forward. As my neurologist said when I explained that she was really concerned – you have to move forward.

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