As of late…

There’s been plenty going on … just not evident here on this blog.

  • Cub Scouts rocks -my son has moved on-ward from Tiger into Wolf! I just might want to get more involved in this… if nothing else, this year I’ve really enjoyed helping him with his belt loops more (last year we pretty just did whatever happened every wk in the den/pack mtgs and went to a few of the pack-wide events).
  • I’ve been reading a lot more than I have in quite awhile. If you do GoodReads and are into that sort of thing, you can follow me … I just set it up to post reviews I think on my blog, so I still have *something* new occasionally appearing (hopefully doesn’t drive the few of you away 🙂 …)
  • VA Software Developers User Group – just recently got an idea in my head about wanting to start a users group primarily around software development within state agencies (and other state entities or probably anyone for that matter that’s interested). Probably won’t be specific to any platform since there’s quite a wide array of development. I wasn’t sure if there would be interest, but there sure seems to be.  When more arises, I’ll probably post about it here. I’m just as interested in the tech side of stuff as I am in the relational aspects (networking… whatever you want to call it) of getting to know others.

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