Lamenting is Worship Part 1 (but there’s 6 more parts – so if you like it see the related videos)

“Through Paul God tells us we should weep with those who weep. Enter redemptively with them whether we are suffering or not…  How do we create a safe sanctuary for those who are suffering?”

Where is the place for this? Why are all our worship songs so “happy”? I really struggle with this in current corporate fellowship at “church”.

Background: this was Michael Card speaking back in 2009 at a Worship Summit. I was connected to him when he came to Richmond and my dear friend Tim in some way mentioned it, and I came with him. Beautifully he played the piano and worshipped God at the same time as telling the story of the Bible. For me, by far one of the best worship “experiences” I have been part of. So many of Michael’s songs resonate with me, especially El Shaddai – live with Michael Card and Amy Grant.


3 responses to “worship

  1. Check out John Mark McMillan. He “gets” songs of lament. See my old blog post – http://lordibelievehelpmyunbelief.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-he-loves.html

  2. Definitely will. I’ve also enjoyed some of Leonard Cohen (‘If It Be Your Will’) and Keith Green (like ‘Create in me a Clean Heart’ or ‘Asleep in the Light’) as well… but haven’t known many others. Thanks.

    Reading that post of yours from ’07 makes me recall one part in which Michael was talking about two people in his life that are very close to death and how his faith plays a part in how he grapples with it and God. Heartfelt and honest … I’m in a place of my life where I very much struggle with not seeing that often amongst the Christian body. Maybe a changing point, and hopefully not towards the angry, bitter and cynical route but towards something transformative. We shall see.

  3. Writing — I must visit more often 🙂

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