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It’s been 2 months and 2 weeks since my last post. Understand that I don’t consider this blog dead (and I’ve certainly killed off a few blogs over the past six or so years of blogging), but I just haven’t had that kindling of heart to write as of late (but I did update the blog appearance with a photo of our recent trip – this is the view from a B&B in Cana, VA).

If I follow your blog and you’re reading this, you may also have noticed I’ve fallen off the face of commenting as well… it’s not that I’m not reading what you’re writing, it’s just that I’m not writing much electronically right now. Not just on the blog but everywhere. Less email responses. I sporadically use Facebook but more to share photos (since it seems most people I know are more likely to ‘see’ updates from there) and almost not at all for ‘status updates’. I have a Twitter account but just don’t get the point. I barely use my cell phone at all. Face-to-face is so much more preferred to me right now. I feel like I’ve said my fair share and then some  in various ways electronically (especially email), but without a face-to-face it all seems for naught. Half or more isn’t even noticed. Relationships need that, don’t they?

I do intend at some point to write again; when I’m ready. I really enjoyed being able to flesh out some thoughts about various things and actually have some things (more events though) that I could have written about, but haven’t. I still think that this medium is just great at being able to FULLY explain thoughts and be a journal of reflections. It just isn’t right now.


blog comment day!

This is not to say I don’t really enjoy comments by those that check out this blog, but the goal here is to get a spread interactions among bloggers…


It’s another one of those events by John Smulo … and is in 2 days (Dec 3rd). Pretty simple concept – there are only 2 rules:

  • you will leave one comment on at least 5 different blogs.
  • Out of the 5 blogs you comment on, at least 2 of them will be blogs you haven’t commented on previously.

Usual rules apply – leave a comment on the John’s blog here.

strange time in the blogosphere?

I’m responding to Gary’s post of this title (except I added the question mark).

I was (struggling), but not as much now. I felt called to do something (serve the homeless) and am taking action. I really believe that taking this action is changing my view – instead of wondering and dwelling on something like my faith, I’m taking action which seems to be strengthening me. I also have a different view from reading Mere Christianity….

I want to really make it clear that just because I may not be struggling, this doesn’t mean you (Gary/Erin/Watchman/David/Jim/….) should be NOT struggling – really I have no place to even guess on that.

I’d also like to add that when I wonder about things, I usually find myself wanting to write about it to express these thoughts. Obviously we will find that expressed in our blogs, now won’t we? Lately, I really haven’t been interested in writing online – heck even commenting (NOTE to Jim: – I do plan on responding… just haven’t the thoughts collected on it yet – but did have a discussion on the topic of a ‘community of caring’ in our small group last night…).

I do like my church, but I don’t see that I am called to just be a part with what they are doing all the time (but definitely involved in it in some way – like helping maintain the website or whatever my skills offer). For this recent interest with the homeless, I don’t think my church would as much restrain it – more like encouraging it and helping guide it. Just last night we talked about it in my small group and resources if we wanted to make it something bigger (like using one of the trailers and storing clothing and/or building some capability to cook or something in it).

Regarding the “church can seem to be more of a subculture/social club for insiders than a force in the world for God’s Kingdom purposes.” – I’d like to refer to Jim’s posts about fellowship (part 1 and part 2). It is too easy for “members” to fall into contentment of it being a subculture but we so shouldn’t do that. My church actually is bent on not focusing so much on those that are NOT “members” instead of the “members” that I wouldn’t be surprised if some people are unhappy about it. It’s not about you – it’s about everyone else. Is that non-“traditional”? Probably. Is that a new way? I don’t know. I have heard from our pastor that many a time people have commented to him that they just don’t feel they are “getting anything out of coming” – and he has asked if they have gotten involved in any way (they hadn’t) …. I would love it if I could recall something I had read in Mere Christianity about this but it went something like this:

Don’t ‘wonder’ if you love someone. Take some action to love them and you just may find yourself loving them [or more].

I take from that and what my pastor said that if you want to “get something” out of something, you need to get involved in it. I DON’T take from it that all of us have to do exactly the same thing. We all have different gifts and different callings and different paths. I don’t see that everyone MUST all go to a specific church at all. Maybe your church (and at least for this, I mean that primarily as a community of believers) isn’t in a building at all – maybe in a home. Or maybe you are in-between. I do think that we all need some church some how some where. Others to grow with, discuss with, serve together with, etc.

I completely agree with you regarding the statement that “the Bride of Christ is called to live out His Kingdom values in a new way, in a way which loves the world and reaches them in ways that they can hear”. I don’t know what might be the new ways, I don’t know who Jonathan Edwards is either. I don’t think discussing all of this as a bad thing – pushing (gently maybe?) people to change I don’t see as bad… those that are living out His values in the traditional way – fine, even GREAT! But maybe we aren’t living them out in all the ways we can, especially if something has changed.

Gary – thinks for giving me a kick with that post. Maybe I do have the energy to write a bit more 🙂

These ‘scattered thought’ posts

When I started blogging, my style was more-or-less “scattered thoughts” (which happened to be my blog title). I have since changed the blog title (and moved from Blogger to WordPress), but still find myself blogging in just about the same manner. Just today I was thinking how I probably should attempt to have some sort of theme or style to my writing… but wonder if anyone would care.

I think there are a few people who actually read my posts, so I have a few questions for you:

  • Do you care that my posts are more or less totally scattered on topic, or
  • Would you like me to try to have some sort of focus?
  • Has there been anything in particular that I’ve written that you would like more of (in particular comes to mind the posts about church messages)?

spiritual food

I found this post called “How to get the most out of a sermon” by Trey Morgan (I read about from a post from the Church for Men Florida blog) and it really fits with my recent post on teaching a man to fish. It’s all about how you can get the “most” out of a sermon…. and the#10 thing:

Expect a spiritual feast. Hopefully the preacher where you attend will have a table full of spiritual food. Hopefully he will present the bread of life. And hopefully you will eat a great spiritual meal. But you must apply it, study your Bible, pray during the week, get involved and dig deeper with others. If you can’t help feed yourself … then a church will never be able to “feed you.” Get your own spiritual fork, and learn to feed yourself some. Serve. Pray. Practically apply the Bible to your life everyday.