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a GiveCamp weekend…

A few weeks ago, I heard from the local .NET User Group about an upcoming weekend-long thing called GiveCamp (national site but it seems to be down so check out the local River City Give Camp) which is a :

weekend-long event where technology professionals donate their time to provide solutions for local non-profit organizations.

Sounded like a pretty awesome idea… especially as I’m more than aware that most non-profits or small orgs (that aren’t technical in nature) usually don’t have a lot of resources nor money to go out and hire staff or a consultant to build much for them.

When I first read about it, I only thought of myself and if I could somehow manage to swing being gone for a weekend from my family, but considering how I can’t drive at the moment AND the sheer time requirements for this, it quickly became apparent it wasn’t going to happen. But then a few days later, it popped in my head that DUH I know some non-profits (one of which I’m on the Board of!) that really could use the assistance (since I know my limits and one of them is to volunteer to develop/maintain something technical… I try not to cross this as it gets to be a slippery slope).

Trying to make a longer story short – we (Peace in the Home – a non-profit “organization devoted to building healthy family relationships that exists to strengthen marriages and equip parents”) did submit a proposal, were accepted and various of us on the Board attended throughout the event last weekend. What they did was switch our static site over to WordPress (which is a blogging platform, but is more than suitable as a content management system allowing someone not highly technical to easily be able to go in and edit/add a page among other things). Oh and DiscountASP.NET has donated lifetime free hosting too, so we switched as well. The site’s not ready to go-live (visual aspects to be handled), but all the technical aspects were totally completed in a WEEKEND (we did have a great team – . And that is simply amazing.

P.S. my fellow geeks that read this – please consider looking up givecamp in your area… it’s such a worthy cause and either which way, it’s just darn well fun to hang with some seriously geeky other people (I work with a few serious geeks, but some of the guys at Give Camp were seriously bleeding edge…). If somehow I can swing getting involved as a programmer next yr, I plan to but we’ll see.


‘refreshing’ your marriage in Richmond

I don’t know about you and your marriage, but sometimes it’s easy to get busy with everything going on in life with work, kids, friends (fill in the blank) and not have enough time to truly strengthen our most human relationship – with our wife. I’m sure you’re well aware that it would be good to take some time and “refresh” your marriage… and towards that, there’s an upcoming event you just may be interested in:

Refresh - Sat Nov 6thREFRESH … and strengthen your most important human relationship – your marriage! Sat Nov 6th from 9am to noon. Join us for a relaxed morning of refreshments, laughter, practical relationship advice and plenty of door prizes. Presented by Peace in the Home, Inc. Register at

The cost is $25 a couple until Oct 6th 10th (then the price goes up to $30), but if you’ve got kids like us, there is free child-care on-site. The event is being held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Old Hundred Rd (map here).

If you want to have something to print out for this event, here’s a PDF.

If you know anyone else that might be interested, please pass this on.

Peace in the Home

Disclaimer – I’m on the Board of Peace in the Home, so yeah I might be a little biased here 🙂

family man

I caught the second half of this late last night … and was touched again by the spirit and meaning. Truly amazed because I’m quite sure that left to my own devices, I would surely become a workaholic and throw every drop of my energy and life into my job…

At the time I met my wife, she’s said she thought I was too much going down this path (which consisted of a full-time job, full-time engineering school, and president of a Fraternity) that there wasn’t much room to fit in. There really wasn’t.

Oh how happy I am that this DID change…

the first igloo in Virginia!

Well maybe not the first… but our first one.

(if you want to see a few other pictures, visit my Flickr page)

Funny how I never saw one in Ohio, but Isa had made them when she was a kid in Michigan, so she had the grand idea. It started as a small mound with a hole dug into it, then got became a larger mound with a little bigger hole… and then I added the ‘blocks’ (made from packing snow in a recycling bin!) completely around the mound. It almost didn’t work because the snow is just so dry and powdery (probably perfect for snow cream!) …

now the neighbors are trying to build one. We’ll see.

change in construction project plans…

Quite awhile back I talked about expanding my kids’ clubhouse… which didn’t work out that way. Initally I changed plans to build a separate treehouse, but then it became too big.

So, a few weeks back I decided to just make a small one and a friend provided some leftover wood… and here’s the result:


It was quite a bit of fun building!