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finding my way back to Jesus

I’m just starting to read “Mere Churchianity” … which follows in the line of other books I’ve read and written about, such as “So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore”. This actually I probably recommend more too.

There was a particular part that resonated with me, not only at this time but looking back as well for what I’ve longed for, but didn’t really think it could happen (which begs me to wonder why):

What I need is a personal transformation by the real Christ, not the one that is manufactured by organized Christianity.

I need a ragtag family of Jesus-shaped disciples to pull me out when I’m floundering and teach me how to swim with the Lord of the universe in these putrid and dangerous cultural waters.

I need to read and hear the Bible taught with the passionate integrity of Jesus, not the manipulation and misrepresentation of modern Christianity-lite.

I need a commitment to the Bible that is unapologetically Jesus centered. I don’t need to hear about a magic book of life principles for suburban success.

I need some truthful talk – not safely scripted chitchat – about what it means to follow Jesus. I want a place where I am allowed to raise questions and verbalize my struggles, a place where I can mess up and be prayed for, and I want to be able to stumble and still be accepted on the team. I need to see and know real human beings who have walked the path of hard choices and hard times in order to remain faithful to Jesus.

I need a cadre of friends who pray like Jesus, who step across the lines to include outcasts, and who open the Lord’s Table to those who Jesus invited to that table.

I don’t need a contrived experience, but a fellowship and a family. I simply need brothers and sisters who will start me on the journey, encourage me along the way, and keep the map right there where I can see it and we can talk about it.

Yeah I really liked a lot on those two pages, but really – I want that. To be continued I hope…

PS – why is it that I have a category for “church” but not “Jesus”? Sad, isn’t it?