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‘refreshing’ your marriage in Richmond

I don’t know about you and your marriage, but sometimes it’s easy to get busy with everything going on in life with work, kids, friends (fill in the blank) and not have enough time to truly strengthen our most human relationship – with our wife. I’m sure you’re well aware that it would be good to take some time and “refresh” your marriage… and towards that, there’s an upcoming event you just may be interested in:

Refresh - Sat Nov 6thREFRESH … and strengthen your most important human relationship – your marriage! Sat Nov 6th from 9am to noon. Join us for a relaxed morning of refreshments, laughter, practical relationship advice and plenty of door prizes. Presented by Peace in the Home, Inc. Register at

The cost is $25 a couple until Oct 6th 10th (then the price goes up to $30), but if you’ve got kids like us, there is free child-care on-site. The event is being held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Old Hundred Rd (map here).

If you want to have something to print out for this event, here’s a PDF.

If you know anyone else that might be interested, please pass this on.

Peace in the Home

Disclaimer – I’m on the Board of Peace in the Home, so yeah I might be a little biased here 🙂


value of nothing, generosity and urban farming

Well, I don’t intend to not write on this blog, I just find less and less energy to turn on the computer and write especially when I coherently have something to write about. Any which way…

A week or so ago, out of the library I found came across a book that at least had an interesting title “The Value of Nothing” and upon further examination, was worth at least borrowing to see if it might be decent. Turned out to be heavy on economics, democracy, rights, and the free market. Not exactly my usual taste for books, but a lot of the concepts resonated with me and a bunch of new ideas were quite thought-provoking… the book is The Value of Nothing by Raj Patel.

I’m tempted to want to make this a long post about my thoughts on the book, but I’m just going to focus on this topic: the opposite of consumption isn’t thrift but GENEROSITY!

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the first igloo in Virginia!

Well maybe not the first… but our first one.

(if you want to see a few other pictures, visit my Flickr page)

Funny how I never saw one in Ohio, but Isa had made them when she was a kid in Michigan, so she had the grand idea. It started as a small mound with a hole dug into it, then got became a larger mound with a little bigger hole… and then I added the ‘blocks’ (made from packing snow in a recycling bin!) completely around the mound. It almost didn’t work because the snow is just so dry and powdery (probably perfect for snow cream!) …

now the neighbors are trying to build one. We’ll see.

Rva Worship 2010?

Been thinking this for awhile and wonder if anyone else has as well. I totally dig having a church family, and this isn’t about that at all.

A gathering of believers across Richmond – worshipping together. All churches represented. Every community. Praising Him as His bride; His church. I’ve no interest in denominational differences or if you even belong to a ‘church’. Come one, come all. Church worship rock bands, hymns sung by groups, individuals pouring their hearts out in praise, anyone. Well-known songs, or your own. I totally do NOT think it should be held at a ‘church’ building (sorry Scott); it has to be at someplace *different* – maybe a park or somewhere public. I know there’s regulations and laws and what-not so who knows. I’m no event planner so it’s not as if I’m going to pull this off.

The song that really gets me pumped every time I hear it is this (with the lyrics below):

Did you feel the mountains tremble?
Did you hear the oceans roar?
When the people rose to sing of Jesus Christ the risen one

Did you feel the people tremble?
Did you hear the singers roar?
When the lost began to sing of Jesus Christ the risen one

And we can see that God you’re moving
A mighty river through the nations
And young and old will turn to Jesus
Fling wide your heavenly gates
Prepare the way of the risen Lord

Open up the doors and let the music play
Let the streets resound with singing
Songs that bring your hope
Songs that bring your joy
Dancers who dance upon injustice

Did you feel the darkness tremble?
When all the saints join in one song
And all the streams flow as one river
To wash away our brokeness

And here we see that God you’re moving
A time of Jubilee is coming
When young and old return to Jesus
Fling wide your heavenly gates
Prepare the way of the risen Lord!

I could tie this in to some other posts I’ve read somewhat recently that have been simmering a bit in my head, including:

the trans-congregational church

I think that Kloha has pointed out something that may be missing among the church today. The church has become so exclusive and independent that we often miss the fact that we are united with other brothers and sisters in Christ as well – not only with the ones that meet with us from day-to-day or week-to-week.

, a Nehemiah Strategy

… the success of the Nehemiah strategy will require that “all these players lay down their logos and their egos and embrace the city together.  If we continue to work in isolation from each other, we will continue to be impotent.  What emerges out of unity is clarity of purpose.  What unites very different kinds of leaders is a passion to unite the church across denominational lines, serve the poor, reconcile the races, and take the whole Gospel to the whole city.”

and The Tangible Kingdom

“If Christianity was only about finding a group of people to live life with, who shared openly their search for God and allowed anyone, regardless of behavior, to seek too, and who collectively lived by faith to make the world a little more like heaven, would you be interested?…What people are asking for is the kingdom of God made tangible.”

“Church must not be the goal of the gospel anymore. Church should not be the focus of our efforts or the banner we hold up to explain what we’re about. Church should be what ends up happening as a natural response to people wanting to follow us, be with us, and be like us as we are following the way of Christ.”

visit the Park – June 6th

As usual, it has certainly been awhile since our last trip down to Monroe Park (Feb 21st!), and the weather is getting a little bit nicer so it’s getting time to pull out some lighter clothing for sharing so… Continue reading