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code rush

never heard of this until recently… but dang does it bring back memories. I wasn’t programming then, but was right about to start my first job (in 1999).



I simply loved watching this video – to see people really lay it all out on a piece of cardboard on their challenges and how God has touched them over it. Something like this I’d love to see in the men’s [growth] group that is being starting up… a real openness to be real about our struggles and be able to talk about them. Not everyone will be willing to do this – I know. But when it comes down to it – it appears to me that a lot of people are really yearning not for more rules and “religion” on the topic of God and belief and faith, but an openness within a church community.

[H/T In My White Frame of Mind]

I’ll be real and lay a huge struggle of mine out there that God has shown that freedom is possible: pornography. Honestly, this really should be no huge surprise for any guy. I can’t say I’m confident that this will never be a struggle ever again – because it will always be there. Kind of like what they say about being an alcoholic: the choice to not drink is daily – the lure always there; same goes here. I’ve written a few times on this topic…

deep and wide

My youngest daughter really loves to sing that song… you know how it goes “Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide!”. Let me tell ya – she really loves that song. WIll just burst out screaming it sometimes too…

I just read a recent RELEVANT MAG article called ‘Leaving the Tidal Pool’ that I really liked. Go read it but here’s the ending:

Life is not about being set aside or stuck swimming in a holding tank until we can be released into the ocean as it should be. It is about swimming the ocean we have.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with the tidal pool. We can learn a lot and grow in there, but there’s a whole world out there beyond the pool! Maybe we are to study and learn as ‘little ones’ in our tidal pool and when we are ready, to venture out. But I wonder if too many times we choose not to go out of their tidal pool because we want to feel ‘safe’ or something.

Then I came across this Youtube video [HT – Church for Men Florida]:

It’s not about just going to church on Sunday and doing the “status-quo”! And the good thing for us is that we can have this personal relationship with God – and even with all of our screw-ups and weaknesses we can do all kinds of things in this ocean (but there’s the thing – I don’t think it’s us that are doing it – it’s God and he gave us a part of His work)! Because between you and me, I’m really sure I can’t get very far in that ocean especially considering how really deep and how really wide it is … but with God? I can’t even imagine.

hard not to laugh

NOTE for my few regulars: I really have had very little interest and time in writing online lately. Day job has been just overwhelmingly busy (and not with work that a software guy would enjoy being overwhelmingly busy with) and my energy is mostly sapped for everything else. The problem is I have stuff that I need to do at night, so something has to give – and blogging has been it. Especially since that usually requires actual thought 🙂 Eh well.

[via Church for Men Florida]. Alright – I think now I’ve read about this guy Tim Hawkins from a few blogs, and I finally have checked his stuff out a bit. Really quite hilarious stuff. There’s a bunch of Youtube videos (here’s his youtube user page) with less quality – like these below – but really just go directly to his audio/video page to see them in full quality:

I’d really like to go see him at a show, but apparently the closest he will get to here in Richmond is Hampton in September…

the joys of Christmas [shopping!]

Ah the joys of Christmas! Well not really, because I’m really talking about the shopping…. and we all know that Christmas isn’t about shopping, right? RIGHT?

Last week we finished the stuff (we mostly didn’t buy but more just made ourselves) for family and finally mailed it all out on Saturday (and due to mailing costs, probably would have been better off ordering online and just getting the free shipping!).

We tried to wrap up shopping for the kids – and I think we did. Oh wait – except for the money that family sent us so we could go and buy more stuff at the last minute for them and further “enjoy” shopping and way too many cars on the road. It’s simply amazing how horrible it can be on the road this time of year unless you’re really patient (and even if you are, you will probably still get mad because the sheer volume of it is overwhelming). Just yesterday we saw a car driving way too slowly (which isn’t that unusual) but then they got in the left lane, turned on their turn-right blinker and proceeded to turn right. The car in front of us, which of course was in the right lane hoping they would be able to pass this car, almost got hit 🙂 Plenty of cars slowing down way too early to make right-hand turns. Plenty of cars not paying attention to the left and causing the dozen or so cars behind them to wait through maybe three lights just to make it through. Ah the joys.

The best part of shopping over the weekend was when my wife had me drop her and the baby girl (who’s actually 2) off at Target so I could take the other 2 just across the street to the Dollar Store to buy gifts for each other. After driving away and getting onto the main road, I realize that I didn’t ask for my money from the wife (I generally am not the keeper of the money), and think I better just go and take out a $20 at the ATM. But in the process of driving, I completely forget the ATM and pass the bank. I then proceed to wait thru a light to make a u-turn, and then u-turn again at the next light and get to the bank. When I get to the ATM and pull out my wallet, I notice my ever-thoughtful wife actually DID give me a $20 (just didn’t tell me). So I leave the bank lot, make another u-turn to get to the other side of the street and then finally into the parking lot where the dollar store is.

Ah the joys. Most years, I’m really frustrated over all this shopping. Last year, my wife just up and did it all in one day.

I could link to so many other people that wrote online about shopping and Christmas. I will link to Gary from Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit as I really liked this “We went shopping for a while this afternoon. The traffic, the parking lots, all the people, what a pain.” He wrote a lot more than that – but I really connected with that. I really enjoyed Brant’s post from Letters from Kamp Krusty regarding crap and don’t buy it if you can’t afford it. Towards that topic, I will end with an SNL skit regarding Debt Management and how to get out of it: