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a GiveCamp weekend…

A few weeks ago, I heard from the local .NET User Group about an upcoming weekend-long thing called GiveCamp (national site but it seems to be down so check out the local River City Give Camp) which is a :

weekend-long event where technology professionals donate their time to provide solutions for local non-profit organizations.

Sounded like a pretty awesome idea… especially as I’m more than aware that most non-profits or small orgs (that aren’t technical in nature) usually don’t have a lot of resources nor money to go out and hire staff or a consultant to build much for them.

When I first read about it, I only thought of myself and if I could somehow manage to swing being gone for a weekend from my family, but considering how I can’t drive at the moment AND the sheer time requirements for this, it quickly became apparent it wasn’t going to happen. But then a few days later, it popped in my head that DUH I know some non-profits (one of which I’m on the Board of!) that really could use the assistance (since I know my limits and one of them is to volunteer to develop/maintain something technical… I try not to cross this as it gets to be a slippery slope).

Trying to make a longer story short – we (Peace in the Home – a non-profit “organization devoted to building healthy family relationships that exists to strengthen marriages and equip parents”) did submit a proposal, were accepted and various of us on the Board attended throughout the event last weekend. What they did was switch our static site over to WordPress (which is a blogging platform, but is more than suitable as a content management system allowing someone not highly technical to easily be able to go in and edit/add a page among other things). Oh and DiscountASP.NET has donated lifetime free hosting too, so we switched as well. The site’s not ready to go-live (visual aspects to be handled), but all the technical aspects were totally completed in a WEEKEND (we did have a great team – . And that is simply amazing.

P.S. my fellow geeks that read this – please consider looking up givecamp in your area… it’s such a worthy cause and either which way, it’s just darn well fun to hang with some seriously geeky other people (I work with a few serious geeks, but some of the guys at Give Camp were seriously bleeding edge…). If somehow I can swing getting involved as a programmer next yr, I plan to but we’ll see.