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Lamenting is Worship Part 1 (but there’s 6 more parts – so if you like it see the related videos)

“Through Paul God tells us we should weep with those who weep. Enter redemptively with them whether we are suffering or not…  How do we create a safe sanctuary for those who are suffering?”

Where is the place for this? Why are all our worship songs so “happy”? I really struggle with this in current corporate fellowship at “church”.

Background: this was Michael Card speaking back in 2009 at a Worship Summit. I was connected to him when he came to Richmond and my dear friend Tim in some way mentioned it, and I came with him. Beautifully he played the piano and worshipped God at the same time as telling the story of the Bible. For me, by far one of the best worship “experiences” I have been part of. So many of Michael’s songs resonate with me, especially El Shaddai – live with Michael Card and Amy Grant.



pict00262When you think of songs at church, what do you think of? Do you think of something intended to modern and ‘hip’? Something that everyone will like? Are the songs sung for your edification? For a few years, I used to believe this was the case. Then we went to a mid-week church service our church did every few months where a few songs really struck me down from holding this belief. It’s not at all about me. When they say worship or praise, that is what it is supposed to be – worshipping and praising God – but not just me doing it – but the entire church.

So I get that now. But it doesn’t seem to still happen all that often, at least for me. Don’t know why. Then a week or so ago I read this post called Let’s Party! which made me wonder and really want to praise God like that:

… the party with the singing and dancing was strangely worshipful. I’m not exactly sure why, but there were numerous times during the party when I almost broke down in tears over the emotion being expressed in the singing and dancing. I asked one of them what they were singing (most of it was in Hebrew or Yiddish) and he said, “The Psalms.”

I want to be touched deep, to feel sincere emotion and praise God through song. The closeness to God experienced through heart-felt singing praise is something I remember. I don’t know if I always want the best done ‘service’ (it’s entertaining but in this day and age, that itself can be boring …) I just want to praise God during this time. Now I’m not calling out completely how it is currently done, but wondering about occasionally it being different. Like what? Not sure – maybe some guy/gal (or a few…?) who want to sing not an entire song but just the chorus – over and over – or a simple and very easy to follow and repeat song like this:

Maybe even put the words up like is usually done (especially for the song above).

I’ve so far been talking about on Sunday gatherings, but why not anywhere – anytime? It sure seems we usually say a prayer whenever we all get together in some sort of small groups, so why not sing a song of praise to God? Why not give thanks? Regardless if we can sing well – I know I can’t. I have thought in particular in times and places where stopping to sing praises to God would (well in my mind I could be completely off-base and flat-out wrong) definitely be different – in going out and share clothes, blankets, shoes, food, etc. with the homeless. Why not come, setup and make available what we have, and then sing songs? Praise God! Give glory to Him not us!

Give thanks with a grateful heart,
Give thanks to the Holy One,
Give thanks because He’s given
Jesus Christ His Son.

And now let the weak say “I am strong.”
Let the poor say “I am rich.”
Because of what the Lord has done for us
Give thanks.